"The Drive To Excellence"

SOMTech's three-year strategic plan details how we will support the School of Medicine’s commitment to organizational excellence and distinction. The 2020 IT Service Catalog provides an organized and curated collection of our IT products and services.

Download Service Catalog (2020) PDF                Download FY21-FY23 Strategic Plan PDF
service catalog   strategic plan cover page

"The Drive to Excellence" is developed around five core priorities for SOMTech:

  1. POSITION Academic Technology Services as a campus leader in audiovisual technology and fortify standard operations.
  2. DIVERSIFY Web & Application Services portfolio and formalize processes for growth and enhanced visibility.
  3. MODERNIZE and strengthen the processes, tools, technologies, and collaborative opportunities of Client Services to enable shared success.
  4. INVEST in the growth, expansion and support model of Research Systems to augment the academic research enterprise.
  5. INFUSE a disciplined Project Management approach into SOMTech’s culture to ensure SOM goals are realized.

Our defined SMART goals in this strategic plan, as well as our entire SOMTech IT Service Catalog, were developed with by input from dozens of colleagues and SOM leadership. Both files are available for download and optimized for screen viewing and printing.