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School of Medicine Technology Services

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems,
and Educational Technologies

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

About us


The mission of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Technology Services is to provide the highest quality IT services in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate and enhance the two core missions of the School of Medicine — education and research — and the administrative processes that support these missions.


SOMTS will be recognized for innovative, effective and efficient use of IT and resources to:

  • Support the new undergraduate medical education curriculum
  • Design flexible and technology-enhanced learning spaces to support traditional, contemporary and emerging teaching methods
  • Provide a reliable, scalable and well-supported system for delivery of learning tools and resources to students and faculty
  • Empower the faculty and staff with access to necessary tools and information
  • Re-engineer administrative business processes to maximize efficiency
  • Provide data analysis services and tools to facilitate evidence-based decision-making
  • Provide friendly and timely access to the highest-quality technology support services and training to ensure optimal use of information technology
  • Advance the school’s success by continually renewing and developing IT infrastructure and services in alignment with the school’s needs and directions


  • Integrity – In order to achieve our mission and best serve our constituents we must be accountable at all levels for our professional and personal behavior, as well as the work we do. In doing our work and in relating to all representatives of the school, we will be respectful, honest, caring and trustworthy.
  • Excellence – All of the work we do and the products and services we provide will be designed to ensure that they are of high quality and developed via a high-performing team effort. Specifically, we strive to be efficient and effective, engaging in teamwork in order to exceed goals and objectives, and constantly working to develop our skills and abilities.
  • Service – Recognizing that we serve the SOM community, all that we do is mission driven. In that regard, we strive to be responsive, communicative, committed, proactive and, above all, customer focused.
  • Innovation – In order to improve and innovate continuously, we must always engage in creative problem-solving, constantly encouraging collaboration and unique solutions while embracing change and taking calculated risks to stay competitive.
  • Ethics – As members of the VCU community, we will follow the VCU Code of Ethics Opens a new window.

Goals and objectives

To accomplish its mission, SOMTSworks collaboratively with VCU Technology Services and VCU Health System Hospital Information Systems to effectively utilize the core infrastructure services provided by both organizations. The goal of SOMTS is to offer value-added services that are specifically geared to the needs of the SOM and are not supported by central IT organizations.

SOMTS offers services in the following four areas:

IT strategic planning and governance

  • Provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology in the SOM
  • Establish and maintain an IT governance structure that encourages participation of faculty, staff and students in the selection and implementation of new technologies
  • Foster a climate of collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement

Infrastructure and client services

  • Offer centralized help desk and computer support services to SOM departments
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of workstations and laptops
  • Ensure that all computers connected to VCU-or VCUHS-managed network comply with SOM security standards
  • Promote the use of centrally managed servers for storage of confidential business, research, patient and personnel data
  • Develop and maintain policies related to the use, purchase and allocation of hardware and software
  • Provide technology support for student computer labs funded by the SOM
  • Manage applications and user access on SOM servers hosted in the University Computer Center
  • Conduct annual business impact analysis of the dean’s office units and assist the staff with the development of business continuity plans
  • Develop and maintain a viable disaster recovery plan for the dean’s office
  • Ensure that sensitive data is adequately protected from unauthorized access

Educational technology

  • Provide effective and timely support and training for technology-enhanced instructional facilities
  • Develop and implement plans for renewal and replacement of classroom and conference equipment
  • Design and implement processes for development, management, training and deployment of instructional technology resources, such as the audience-response system, video conferencing, course management system and mobile learning technologies
  • Coordinate educational and administrative teleconferences with the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center and the Inova campus
  • Manage day-to-day technology support and maintenance of McGlothlin Medical Education Center learning spaces
  • Evaluate current and emerging technologies and recommend ways to leverage them in meeting the educational goals of the SOM

Application development and data management

  • Develop and maintain highly effective, reliable, secure and innovative information systems to support instructional, administrative and research functions
  • Provide ad hoc reporting and data extraction support for data maintained in various application systems