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School of Medicine Technology Services

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems,
and Educational Technologies

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

Data management and ad hoc reporting

SOMTS offers ad hoc reporting support for data maintained in various administrative systems in the Dean’s Office. To request an ad hoc report, please contact the data owner for the functional area.

Functional area Data owner Technical contact

Undergraduate medical education
(M.D. program)

Medical Education
Student Affairs
Financial Aid
Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.
Susan DiGiovanni, M.D.
Chris Woleben, M.D.
Pemra E. Cetin, M.B.A.
Graduate education Jan Chlebowski, Ph.D. Bhavesh Patel
Continuing professional development and evaluation studies John Boothby Joel Browning
Faculty affairs PonJola Coney, M.D. Bhavesh Patel
Research Michael Donnenberg, M.D. Bhavesh Patel
Finance and administration Darrell Griffith Bhavesh Patel
Development office Erin Lucero Bhavesh Patel
Center on Health Disparities Marcie Wright Bhavesh Patel
Office of Assessment & Evaluation Studies Paul Mazmanian Joel Browning

In your request, include the following details:

  • Purpose (How will the report be used?)
  • Data elements that should be included in the report (Please include as much information as possible.)
  • Priority (low, medium, high, urgent)
  • Latest date you need the report
  • Format (Excel, PDF or Comma-separate Text)

If the request is approved, the data owner will forward the report specifications to the designated technical contact for the area. Once the report has been developed and verified by the data owner, he or she will send it to the requestor.

The turnaround time for reports is dependent on workload and the complexity of the report requested. Please request ad hoc reports well in advance of the date needed to ensure that your deadline can be met. The requestor will be notified as promptly as possible for requests that are denied or instances where the specified timeframe cannot be met.