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School of Medicine Technology Services

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems,
and Educational Technologies

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

Applicant and student systems

SOMTS develops and maintains applications to manage data that spans the student experience from medical school admissions to advanced degree programs.

Applicant Portal (APPPORTAL)

Provides the primary means of communication between VCU and SOM applicants

Applicants use this website to:

  • Complete their supplemental applications
  • Schedule interviews
  • Manage the various details of their application throughout the entire admissions process
  • Data requests: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.
  • Technical contact: Joel Browning

Applicant Review, Tracking, and Evaluation System (ARTES)

Allows users to apply for research training opportunities offered by the Center on Health Disparity (CoHD). The system helps CoHD keep track of applicant details and selection criteria. It also allows the CoHD to collect feedback from research trainees at the end of the training completion.

Clerkship Management System (CMS)

Supports M3 clerkship scheduling, evaluations and grading

  • Data requests: Michael Ryan, M.D.
  • Technical contact: Joel Browning

Electronic Medical School Applicant Review System (MEDAPP)

Supports the operation of the SOM admissions process in an efficient, secure and paperless environment

Graduate Tracking (GradTrak)

Tracks and maintains graduate student information such as matriculation, program details, advisory committee, course registration, grades, GPA, exam details and academic status

M3 Passport

Tracks clinical experiences (patients, diagnoses and procedures) in the M3 clerkships

Students can generate their own summary reports by clerkship. Administrators can generate various reports by diagnoses, student or patient demographics.

Student Record System (SRS)

Provides maintenance functions for the SOM’s student records

SRS consists of an administrative and a student site. The administrative site enables faculty and staff to view student grades, exam scores, USMLE and application information. Administrators can also view and edit course evaluation data as well as other data related to courses, such as lecture schedules. Clerkship coordinators can use the site to run evaluation reports and track the submission of student grades. Student users can see their grades, schedules, announcements and unofficial transcripts, as well as apply for scholarships, evaluate courses, sign up for elective courses or clerkships and update their contact information.

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