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School of Medicine Technology Services

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems,
and Educational Technologies

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

Departmental liaisons

With the exception of the departments of Pathology, Radiation Oncology and Emergency Medicine, all School of Medicine departments are supported centrally by SOMTS. Each department/division is assigned a dedicated IT support analyst to provide continuity of service and quick response time.

Department/division Department Administrator IT support analyst
Addiction Psychiatry Terry Good Frederick Haines
Anesthesiology Jonathan Heller Vena McNaughton
Anatomy and Neurobiology Julian Owens Lionel Vennie
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Jodi Humpage Michael Balod
Biostatistics Gayle Spivey Michael Baines
Center for Health Disparities James Friday SOMTech
Center for Clinical and Translational Research Elizabeth Fortune Frederick Haines
Dean's Office Paul Peterson James O'Brien
Epidemiology/Family Medicine & Population Health Tom Treleaven Michael Baines
Healthcare Policy and Research Jennifer Matthews Michael Balod
Human and Molecular Genetics Cindy Kinney SOMTech
Institute for Women’s Health Rashel Charles Frederick Haines
Internal Medicine – Administration Al Dunn SOMTech
Internal Medicine – Cardiology Brenda Johnson SOMTech
Internal Medicine – Endocrinology Katherine "Kit" Mulloy SOMTech
Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology and Hepatology Sara D'Innocenzo Frederick Haines
Internal Medicine – General Medicine Wendy Walker Lionel Vennie
Internal Medicine – Geriatrics Wendy Walker Frederick Haines
Internal Medicine – Hematology and Oncology Jerry Riggins SOMTech
Internal Medicine – HIV/AIDS Frederica Arrington Frederick Haines
Internal Medicine – Infectious Diseases Katherine "Kit" Mulloy Ron Davis
Internal Medicine – Nephrology Katherine Mulloy Carl Dailey
Internal Medicine – Office of Educational Affairs Maia LaVallee SOMTech
Internal Medicine – Pulmonary Shannon Sekerak Carl Dailey
Internal Medicine – Rheumatology Shannon Sekerak James O’Brien
Microbiology and Immunology Nancy Fogg Lionel Vennie
Neurology Linda Kopec Ron Davis
Obstetrics and Gynecology Jeff Olson Ron Davis
Ophthalmology Meagan Sok Ron Davis
Orthopaedic Surgery Kevin O’Keefe Ron Davis
Otolaryngology Tina Constantin Ron Davis
Parkinson's Clinic Maria Humphires Carl Dailey
Pediatrics Suzanne Britt Carl Dailey
Pharmacology and Toxicology Brenda Caine Michael Balod
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Adrianne Dery SOMTech
Physiology and Biophysics Kelly Bowery Michael Balod
Psychiatry  Suzanne Williams SOMTech
Radiology Sherry Elliott Ron Davis
Social and Behavioral Health Carrie Boyd Michael Baines
Emergency Medicine (Research Only) Robert Wayne Barbee James O'Brien