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Office 365 Account Provisioning Process

Below are the steps that should be followed in order to request and receive new VCUHS email accounts. This process should be completed by a supervisor or HR admin. Please email SOMSecurity@vcuhealth.org with any questions concerning this process.

  1. Download the EGI form and instructions at http://www.ts.som.vcu.edu/docs/EGI-form.pdf
  2. Fill out EGI form and fax it to the number provided in the instructions.
  3. You will receive the employee number for the user via email from the VCUHS HR group.
  4. Submit a ticket to SOMSecurity at http://go.vcu.edu/SOMTicket with the employee number for the user.
  5. After 48-72 hours, you will receive an email from SOMSecurity with the user confidentiality agreement and temporary password along with the email address for the user. Use this email address in step 8.
  6. Have the user read the confidentiality agreement, sign the form, and fax THE FIRST PAGE ONLY to the VCUHS security department. The number is on the form.
  7. The user can now login with their temporary password at http://connect.vcuhealth.org/. The user name and password is located on the second page of the user confidentiality agreement. After entering the user name and temporary password, the user will be prompted to change their password. Password change instructions can be found at http://www.ts.som.vcu.edu/docs/VCUHS-Email-Password-Reset-Instructions.pdf
  8. User then logs into their email account at http://outlook.com/vcuhealth.org. Be sure the user enters their email address in the user name field and their new password (from step 7) in the password field.
  9. Email SOMSecurity@vcuhealth.org after the user successfully logs into their email account.
  10. SOMSecurity will then submit the ticket to the VCU email group requesting that the user's @vcu.edu email account be redirected to their new @vcuhealth.org account