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Welcome SOM Faculty & Staff

Google Drive is a service provided by VCU that allows for data storage in the cloud in a safe and secure way. As of Monday, November 7th 2016, all SOM faculty and staff have been provided Google Drive accounts. Google Drive allows for unlimited storage and has sharing capabilities.

Access SOM Google Drive:

SOM Drive For VCU

SOMTech has developed the following webpages to help facilitate a better Google Drive experience:

  • Support: This page describes the various ways of obtaining support for SOM Google Drive.
  • FAQs: Check here to read responses to commonly asked questions.
  • Training Schedule: Interested in learning about Google Drive in person? Visit the training page to find times and dates for upcoming learning opportunities.

The SOM implementation of Google Drive is set up to allow category 1 data to be stored and shared securely. You are encouraged to submit a ticket to SOM Security to discuss the proper way to do this.

For security reasons, the following Google Drive features are initially disabled. We are currently investigating secure methods for implementing these features at a later time. Please submit your feedback by emailing us at SOMSecurity@vcuhealth.org.

  • Google Drive for mobile devices
  • Google Drive Sync on the desktop
  • 3rd party Google app integration