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SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

Lecture recording

Classroom Capture

School of Medicine uses Echo360 Opens a new window lecture recording systems in several classrooms:

Echo360 records a presenter’s voice and synchronizes computer images, such as PowerPoint slides, with the presentation. Video of the presenter can also be included, but is optional. During playback of a recording, a viewer can quickly skip to any point in the presentation by clicking on a slide.

Almost all M1 and M2 lectures in KMSB and Baruch auditoriums are recorded. Lecture recordings are created so students who have missed a class have the opportunity to review missed material. Many students also use the recordings as study material before tests.

Echo360 recordings are streamed from the eCurriculum and cannot be downloaded or fast forwarded. An audio-only, MP3 version of the lecture is available for download, and students may transfer this audio file to portable devices, such as iPods. The MP3 file can be fast forwarded using appropriate software such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime. iTunes does not support this feature.

Recorded lectures are meant as supplemental material only and are not meant to replace classroom attendance. Faculty members have the option of not recording lectures and may ask that recordings be removed at any time.

While most lectures are successfully recorded, there have been instances of equipment trouble, and recordings have been lost.

For more information about lecture recording, or to arrange a recording session, please contact somedtech-l@lists.vcu.edu. Scheduling is dependent on room availability.