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School of Medicine Technology Services

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems,
and Educational Technologies

SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

Media consultation services

Multimedia production consultation

SOM Technology Services offers consultation to support SOM curriculum and research efforts. We will help you find and work with a media production vendor to meet your goals and deliver your material in an appropriate format. While consultation services are available at no cost, media production vendors charge a fee for service. Since costs vary based on project and vendor, SOM Technology Services is not involved with the financial aspects of a project other than reviewing quotes and proposals.

Training to support department-based projects, such as podcasting and lecture recording, is also available.

For more information, contact the educational technology team.

Electronic classroom consultation

We also provide advice and guidance as SOM faculty and staff work with VCU Media Support Services to design electronic classrooms and conference rooms. We’ll help decipher the techno speak and TLAs (three-letter acronyms) that can be confusing when designing and installing audio-visual and multimedia equipment such as video projectors, monitors and sound systems. We can help get you up and running with your new equipment, making sure your investment of time and money is worthwhile.

See Classrooms and spaces for information on current electronic classroom facilities.