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SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems,
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SOMTech, Administrative and Academic Systems, and Educational Technologies

How to: Use/Setup SOM IClicker

Please wait until you SOM Tech orientation class to initiate your Web>clicker subscription. After session contact an SOMTECH educational technologist

The VCU School of Medicine incorporated web>clicker as its browser‐based response system effective with the Fall 2013 semester. With the start of your first year as a VCU medical student a web>clicker two year student activation code/subscription will be issued to you.

No physical “clicker” device comes with your web>clicker subscription, it is a virtual device. You will use your laptop, Smartphone, or any other device that uses a standard web browser to access the https://webclicker.iclicker.com website which contains a virtual Web>clicker.

During your first year fall semester orientation a School of Medicine Technologist (SOMTECH) will hold a session with all new students and take you through how to set up your virtual Web>clicker. Please wait for this session to set up your clicker.

IClicker is the administrator for your Web>clicker subscription. Once you have registered your Web>clicker all helpdesk support will be through IClicker. The following information explains where to go to for IClicker support.

System Requirements
For information on system requirements to use web>clickers, please click here.

For technical support issues, please click here or call web>clicker support at 1-866-209-5698.