SOMTech Staff Listing

Office of the Assistant Dean

 TitlePhoneEmail (
Wies Rafi Assistant Dean, Technology Services (804) 628-7575 wies.rafi
Tammy Thompson Administrative & Fiscal Assistant (804) 628-4863 tammy.thompson

Academic Technology Services

 TitlePhoneEmail (
AV & Classroom Support      
Jay Diener-Brazelle Senior Supervisor & Project Manager (804) 628-4149 jayson.brazelle
Todd Sentz Classroom Support - todd.sentz
Chris Williams AV Systems Engineer - christopher.williams1
Amanda Smith Classroom Support Specialist     
Caelen Bausone Classroom Support Specialist   caelen.bausone
Justin Woods Classroom Support Specialist    
Simulation Technology      
Justin Fedoryk Senior Supervisor, Simulation Technology (804) 827-1486 justin.fedoryk
Mark Hix Simulation Technology Specialist (804) 628-3809 mark.hix
Hayden Snead Simulation Technology Specialist - hayden.snead
Tony Sessoms Simulation Technology Specialist (804) 628-4119 antonio.sessoms

Client Services

 TitlePhoneEmail (
Client Services      
Vann Wheeler Co-Supervisor (804) 827-1346 vann.Wheeler
James O’Brien IT Support Analyst - james.obrien
Michael Balod IT Support Analyst - michael.balod
Carl Dailey IT Support Analyst - carl.dailey
Ronald L. Davis IT Support Analyst - ronald.davis
Rachel Dial IT Support Analyst - rachel.dial
Vena Wheeler Hantke IT Support Analyst - vena.wheelerhantke
Tyler Mangino Senior IT Support Analyst - tyler.mangino
Joey Noble Senior IT Support Analyst - joey.noble
Lionel Vennie IT Support Analyst - lionel.vennie
Kody Wyatt IT Support Analyst - kody.wyatt
Michael Diaz System Analyst -  
Cheyanne Thomas-Chinn IT Support Analyst -  
Romano Woodfolk Systems Analyst (804) 828-8320 romano.woodfolk
Tokoia Lewis Systems Analyst (804) 628-3249 tokoia.lewis
Jordan Lawrence IT Support Analyst    

Web & Application Services

 TitlePhoneEmail (
Application Services      
Bhavesh Patel Director, Application Services (804) 828-3390 bhavesh.patel
Michael Wu Assistant Director, Application Development    
Chris Stephens Senior Applications & Data Analyst (804) 828-3917 chris.stephens
John Priestley Applications & Data Analyst (804) 828-3919 john.priestley
Steve Kuchta Applications and DevOps Engineer    
Kate Loomis Business Intelligence Analyst - -
Andrew Leisure Senior Applications and Data Analyst (804) 628-4884 andrew.leisure
Melvin Denwiddie Applications & Data Analyst (804) 628-5528 melvin.denwiddie
 Alana Wiljanen  Junior Buisiness Analyst    
Web Services      
Amber Logan Sr. Communications Manager and Lead Science Writer   amber.logan
Nathan Hilsenbrand Senior Front End Web Developer/Designer - nathan.hellenbrand
Laura Ingles Lead Content Strategist / Writer - laura.ingles
DeAudrea 'Sha' Rich Graphic Designer and Photographer -

Project Management Office (PMO)

 TitlePhoneEmail (
Lynne Jeffries Senior IT Project Manager (804) 828-8740 Lynne.Jeffries

Research Systems

 TitlePhoneEmail (
Brian Bush Director, Research Systems   Brian.Bush
Helen Wang Senior HPC System Specialist   Huan.Wang
James Percy Research Computing Specialist - James.Percy